The SCP Foundation, or just The Foundation, is a secret government organization comprised of researchers and scientists. Their only goal is to protect the Earth by containing dangerous anomalies called SCPs before researching them, and sometimes even attempting to terminate them.


Notable personnelEdit

  • Dr. Alto Clef: Being the department head, Clef is a sadistic violent doctor whose face cannot be photographed for some reason, as it is always replaced with a random animal head
  • Dr. Bright: The personnel director. Sometimes being the comic relief of the Foundation, Bright is a mad scientist whose biologically abnormal genes grants him the ability to reincarnate himself into different animals.

Notable SCPsEdit

  • SCP-173: A semi-sentient statue that can dash at great speeds and will attempt to break any living thing's neck. However, it can only move when it is not looked upon by anyone.
  • SCP-106: A supernatural rotting old man who kidnaps random victims, usually young males, and takes them to his mysterious pocket dimension where he tortures, mutilates, and murders them. He later returns their mangled corpse back to our universe.
  • SCP-096: An impossibly tall and slim humanoid who, while usually docile, will kill anyone, referred to as SCP-096-1, who looks upon its face no matter what. It is also completely unkillable, almost unseeably fast, can pulverize anything with its large claws, and somehow knows SCP-096-1's location no matter where they are
  • SCP-682: A large unkillable reptile who has an extreme hatred for all life.
  • SCP-049: A plague doctor who claims almost every non-doctor has the black plague. When finding someone "infected" with the plague, 049 will then kill them with his lethal touch, perform surgery on them, and resurrect them as "cured" mindless zombies.